Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wishful Thinking

So I have been really busy lately, Adam (my boyfriend) runs a festival on his family farm so the summer is always crazy for us.

Last night after a full day of flag making and sorting out contracts (I know they are both pretty different) I started day dreaming about a summer holiday....I was on the Superdry website and thought I'd put together a holiday daytime look. (Just so you know this day dream was based in Santorini)

Superdry Bikini | BUY | Superdry Dress | BUY | Superdry Sunglasses | BUY | Superdry Shoes | BUY | Superdry Bag | BUY

I was obviously going for a day at the beach.
I love this bikini! I hate holidays on the first day when your pasty white and you try to find a bikini that doesn't emphasise the paleness, I think this one works really well as its not really bright but still has the pink strings which will look fab when you do get the tan. 

When I'm on holiday I love to go out for long lunches, I picked this dress because I could wear it over a bikini but its also smart enough to wear our for a nice lunch. 
These slip ons look so comfortable, and I'm loving the colour. 
Big sunglasses are a must for me, they can hide a multitude of sins. I also wear big hats in the sun to protect my face, no one wants premature wrinkles.
Finally a big beach bag is always an essential, I'm quite bad at sunbathing for long periods of time, so my beach bag is always packed with books, magazines, iPad, iPod etc. I love the pink and white stripes.

I hope you like x

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Three festival looks to put you in great stead for a great festival

This is the first post for my Festival Fashion Blog on Festivals for All
I have 3 style rules when going to a festival:
  1. Play with your style, a festival is a great place to experiment, use bright colours, mix patterns…be creative.
  2. Use accessories to make your outfit pop. I pile on the jewellery at a motto is: The more the merrier.
  3. Be comfortable, you can still be stylish and comfortable, try your outfits on before you go, there’s nothing worse than feeling self conscious all day.
 photo jo1_zps39ebdc63.jpg
My first look is quite neutral, but I’ve made it stand out with the bib necklace. The dress really comfortable, because its so plain you really can add accessories. I love the boots, make sure you wear comfortable shoes; you’d be surprised how far you’ll walk in a day at a festival. These sunglasses are amazing, I love the thick gold rim, sometimes I think round rims are hard to pull off but at a festival they work.
Dress|Asos, Necklace|Oasis, Sunglasses|Topshop, Watch|Asos, Boots|Topshop, Bag|Topshop
 photo jo2_zps206dbd88.jpg
The key piece in my second look is the shorts. I fell in love with them, I’ve teamed them with a simple black cropped cami and again I would heavily accessorize this look, add lots of rings and bracelets to this outfit. I’ve also gone for traditional green wellies. I prefer green as I think they are classic, opt out of pink wellies this year, go for green and channel your inner Kate Moss.
Wellies|Hunter, Top|Topshop, Shorts|Asos, Bracelets|Miss Selfridge, Rings|Asos
 photo jo3_zps99665dd4.jpg
For my final look, I’ve chosen this patterned skirt, I love the Aztec print, again I would wear lots of rings and bracelets. I’ve added a star head piece with this look as I think they look so pretty, and it really goes with the floaty skirt. A jacket is always handy at a festival, with the weather being so unpredictable in the UK you can be boiling hot one minute and freezing cold the next, so tie the jacket round your waist and you have the best of both worlds.
Skirt|River Island, Top|American Apparel, Jacket|Asos, Head Piece|Wildfox, Boots|Topshop, Bracelets|Topshop

I hope you like x

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Festival Fashion

Please check out my new blog post for 'Festivals For All', I will be doing regular posts for them throughout the summer on festival fashion. I hope you like x

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Pinterest: Full on floral

Full on floral

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Pinterest: neon short pants

neon short pants

Pinterest: White


Pinterest: ..


Pinterest: Cheshire Kitty Ring

Cheshire Kitty Ring

Full on Floral

Now, I realise that a  Asos floral suit isn't  to everyones taste but I couldn't resist this. Its so pretty and summery, and I think the print is quite delicate so its not too in your face. 
I didn't wear many accessories with this as I felt it didn't need anything else (the suit speaks for itself), infact I only wore my Michael Kors watch
These shoes are so comfortable, I find it quite hard to get high heels that I can bear to wear for more that 30mins, but these I can wear all day. They are from Gadea. 
I hope you like x

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Eclectic mix for a happy home

Last night I went to my lovely friend Nicky's house. Nicky is a textile designer, she lives with her fiance Ben, cat, Boo and they have created the most amazing house together. The kitchen area is open plan with huge bi folding doors leading to the beautiful garden. Nicky has such a creative flare, and is not afraid to mix patterns and colours to create amazing results.
I love the mix matched frames and interesting prints inside them. This YUM sign was from an old American cinema (how does she even find this stuff!).
Now I need to give Ben praise here because he found this cabinet on ebay. Notice the 'N' for Nicky. 
Everywhere you look in this house, there is something interesting, whether its the fabrics of the cushions, the wallpaper or even just the kitchen shelves.
Through the bi folding doors they have a huge decking and this gorgeous fitted bench, I wish I had taken a picture in the dark too as the fairly lights make it look really magical. 
This Josef Frank wallpaper is absolutely amazing, so vibrant, I would never think to use such a bright wallpaper but it works perfectly. 
I'm going to follow Nicky and Ben's progress while they continue to renovate their amazing home, so watch this space!

I hope you like x

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Instagram Photos

Mary Poppins Loves Hers....

Maybe its just me but I've always been fascinated with what people carry in their handbags. I think it must stem from watching Mary Poppins pull lampshades out of hers. So I thought I'd show you what I carry in mine..
Firstly the bag is Michael Kors, I got it as a day to day easy handbag but actually I've now ended up using as an everyday bag, overnight bag, carrier bag you name it! I always try to have my ipad with me, its just so handy and I can blog on the move, I love my Marc Jacobs ipad case too.
I take my K&COMPANY SMASH book with me everywhere, infact I normally keep it in my car if it doesn't fit in my bag, just so if I have an idea I can quickly grab it. This giant clip from H&M is great as my hair is quite thick not many clips can hold it but this one does the job and looks cute.
I wear Daisy by Marc Jacobs a lot and when I got this handy bag sized perfume I was so pleased because I hate carrying big perfume bottles around with me. 
I feel a little lost without my makeup, and my Mulberry makeup bag is just the right size for essentials. I've started using CREME DE LA MER tinted moisturiser for the summer, its really nice in the heat as its not too heavy but still gives a great coverage, plus its SPF 18 (even though I always wear SPF 30 under make up to prevent wrinkles). I also use ST.TROPEZ powder bronzer for an extra glow. I always finish off my makeup with MAKE UP FOR EVER's HD POWDER. It helps my makeup stay in place all day, so I rarely need to reapply. 
I found this amazing Emergency Kit in America, its by PINCH PROVISIONS and I got it in J Crew. Its so small but literally has everything a girl could need in a social emergency. It contains a sewing kit, breath drops, hairspray, stain remover pad, Plaster, pain killers plus much more. I haven't found it in the UK yet but hopefully they'll bring them over soon as I'm going to need some refills.

Well thats what I carry in my bag, I hope you liked or at the least I gave you some ideas for your handbags. x

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Light and Bright

Today was an errand day but I was meeting my mum, sister and niece for a quick lunch, so I went for something really comfortable but still smart/casual. The jacket is from Ralph Lauren, I think it looks great with the white jeans, which are from LTB.
The top is from Zara, its quite a bit brighter in the flesh, and is so easy to wear with anything, I have dressed it up with blue skinnys and lots of jewellery in the past.
I told you you'd be seeing a lot of this necklace! It's from J Crew and as i said before its goes with most things. 
These are my favourite recent purchase, they are so comfortable and I've been dying to wear them. I got them from J Crew.
The sunglasses are from Tom ford, the watch is from Michael Kors (I literally wear this everyday) and the bracelet is from J Crew. 

I hope you like. x

Instagram Photos

Instagram Photos

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

White cotton maxi: perfect on a Summers day

Today, as the weather was lovely, I took the opportunity to work in the garden. We live on a farm so are really lucky to have such great views.
I bought the dress a few years ago in Bali, every summer I can't wait to get it out. Its so comfortable and   so simple, but looks lovely.
I didn't wear too many accessories today, as I think the dress kind of speaks for itself, but my sunglasses are Oliver Peoples and my lipstick is Mac: Cremesheen, with a Mac tinted Lip Balm on top. I also lined the lips lightly with Make Up For Ever's waterproof lip liner: 18C.
If I wasn't enjoying being barefoot in the garden, I would wear some simple flip flops with this outfit. These metallic ones are from Accessorize. 

I hope you enjoyed reading x 

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Looks like Daisy is on trend this season.

Monday, 3 June 2013

90's Vintage

My whole look today was inspired by the 90's. I think it was because I bought the sunglasses from a vintage shop at the weekend and couldn't wait to wear them.
The t-shirt, skirt and jacket are all from topshop. The jacket is so comfortable and versatile. In the winter I like to add a fur collar to it.
I also found the necklace in a vintage shop it reminds me of Moschino for some reason. The lipstick is Mac, colour: Morange
These shoes are from Topshop, they're really high but look so nice on I had to have them. 
I got this bag in a vintage shop in London a few years ago. Its perfect for festivals as it goes across the body and isn't too big. This always gets a lot of use in the summer.
The sunglasses are my favourite item in this look, I like that the lenses are smaller than aviators and the frames are textured gold. And so ends my throwback to the 90's..
I hope you like x